About Us

Fire Chaplains of Maine was established in the early 2000’s in response to the tragic incident that occurred in New York City on September 11, 2001.

What does a Fire Chaplain do?

A Fire Chaplain provides spiritual and personal counseling to firefighters, their families and those who are affected by tragedy. Fire Chaplains are traditionally appointed by their fire chief and endorsed by a religious leader to serve as a Chaplain for a fire department. Many Chaplains offer counseling of stress management, marriage, grief and injury in the line of duty to fire department staff. In most cases Chaplains are trained in critical incident stress management skills. Fire Chaplains can be asked to conduct memorial or funeral services for firefighters. There are many Fire Chaplains throughout the state of Maine who are trained through the Federation of Fire Chaplains to serve their communities.

Fire Chaplains of Maine are here for those who need prayer. We believe in the power of prayer and that prayer is deeply needed for those who work in public safety and their families. If you would like prayer, please contact us and we would be happy to pray for you and your situation.

Our Mission:

To provide spiritual and emotional support for emergency personnel, their families, and support them in the field when they are experiencing a crisis. Provide support to families that are dealing with a tragic event. Also to be a liaison for other services. Our first responsibility is to God.

Our Purpose:

To bring together in resource, training, and common endeavor for those persons who serve God as Fire Chaplains in the State of Maine. To render such spiritual, moral and psychological support to the members of the fire and rescue personnel as shall assist them to better carry out their duties and responsibilities. To assist the victims of fire, calamity and natural disaster by providing a level of interim pastoral care until such time as conventional ministries can attend to their needs. To foster cooperation, fairness, fellowship and safety on both the local and broader levels of the Fire and Rescue Services.